Monday, December 28, 2009

Best Wishes

Hello to all hope you all had a lovely chrissy and hope your plans for New years goes off with a bang:)!! We had a GREAT christmas day, as our family is quite small I usually only have to cook for about 8 but this year all the cousins, all bar one, decided they were coming for lunch too plus hubby's grandmother so I had to pull out all stops for 14!! Hence the 5 KILO piece of piggy I had to cook. It all turned out well, the kids were super exicited that santa brought a WII for the whole family and he remembered to drink his beer ( naughty I know) and the reindeers were VERY messy and scattered their special glittery food all over the verander!! Oh and santa ate all of his gingerbread bikkies! All came ate and were merry, including me thanks to a couple of scotches:) Well it was christmas afterall!! And I'm fairly sure everyone enjoyed themselves and guess what?!! I DIDNT burn the piggy and the crackling was sensational even if I do say so myself!! So I hope you all had the best day ever and santa brought you everything you hoped for and wishing you a brilliant 2010!! What are your new years resoultions? Mine is completely selfish and that is to gain more bloggy friends so if your following PLEASE LET ME KNOW! And of course the usual lose weight and all that stuff:) Sorry I have no pics still sorting out the computer situation, hopefully VERY soon! One more thing, I would like to say a very special thanks and hugs to my friend miss eb who has helped emensely this year in promoting my buttons although not always stated she uses them quite a lot and in 2010 I will be posting many more pics of them. So THANKS eb for all your help:) Thats all for now, many nice wishes to you all and see you next year!:)
Happy Creating
Cheers Janelle XX

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Checking In

Hello! Well its been awhile but we are slowly getting organised and have shifted, kids and hubby are settling in but my 2 year old took a while, she did'nt understanding why we dont live in our house anymore but in the last week she's started to come around. I've done NOTHING on the craft front, still waiting for dad to finish off the room that is going to be craft/kids room. With christmas around the corner well 5 days away!!!!! I havent been able to get anything done, we are still trying to sort out computers but hopefully after chrissy that will be sorted. Better run hubby is looking over my shoulder wanting to go to the tip.[move it sister!] That was him!! Will post soon! Merry Christmas to all:)
Cheers Janelle XX