Thursday, October 22, 2009

Opps I forgot!

Just a few things I forgot to mention ( have had sinus all week and the ol' brain is a bit fuzzy!) Firstly if you are after some buttons and were wondering how the hell to pay for them, just e-mail me your order at and they can be paided for by direct deposit or a money order made out to Janelle Giblin. Easy Peasy!!! What I also forgot ( silly ME!) was to let you all know that the buttons are specifically made for scapbooking or quilting/sewing projects, difference being scrapbooking are coated in an acid free varnish and for quilting/sewing projects are coated in a varnish that can be handwashed. As I mentioned yesterday the postage is subject to how many packs are ordered for example 8 packs - postage is $7.30. So I hope I cleared up some questions for you thanks for stopping by and dont forget to leave a comment or even be a follower so I know who's out there in blog land!!:)
Happy Creating
Janelle XX

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some buttons FINALLY!!

As I have been promising and promising and since the blog title is 'handmade buttons and embellishments' I better post some pics of what I've been up too! Dear Besty Miss Eb is off too a srcappy retreat this weekend and since her stash is low she put in an order and presto there you go a whole bunch of custom made Nellie G. buttons!!! So amongst the other orders and such I dropped them off to her this morn and I'm sure I left her with a big grin:) So here is a few pics of what I've been up too, the first one is most of my colour groups together and the pack in the middle is how they come.

This one is of my newest edition called 'buds and blooms' these are brill for using in the middle of flowers and if your after just some suttle embellies. This one is hot off the press and miss eb is the first to use them so I'm sure you will be able to check out what she came up with after this weekend at her blog So pop on over and you wont be disappointed! She uses them quite a lot as she is my certified 'guinea pig' and she always manages to make them look fab! Thanks Eb:)!!! If you are at all interested you can simply leave me a comment and how to contact you or just e-mail me @ - they are a 50 pack @ $6.95 plus postage and that varies due to weight, and the colours are as follows;
Candy - pinks
Ocean - blues
Earth - browns
Primary - red, green, yellow and navy
Black & White - black and white
Classic - dark red, white and black
Sunshine - pastels
Citrus - brights
Buds and blooms - a mixture as above
So if you're interested give me a bell with about a 3 weeks delivery. Stay tuned for more new designs as promised and maybe even a 'Made It' shop!!!!:)
Happy Creating
Cheers Janelle XX

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Challange week 2 @ Paula's

Here is my LO that I did for Paula's Scrapbooking Place for the 6 week challange. I was quite surprised with myself as I finished it in about half an hour which surely has to be a world record for me!! And I didn't even scraplift!! YAY:) This challange's requirements was to come up with a LO using the colours aqua, red and yellow, this is not a combination I would usually use but I was fairly happy with the results! Thanks eb for the inspiration:) What I was REALLY excited about is the title 'PLAY' as I made it myself and made them into buttons, how cool! I was very pleased with the result and of course now have to add this design to my gigantic list of 'to do' designs. If anyone is interested please leave me a comment and I can give you a price/colour on what your after. I thought they worked really well as a title for this page and will have to come up with a few more combinations:) Well that's all for today and once again back to the orders!
Happy Creating
Cheers Janelle XXX

Monday, October 12, 2009

Yum Yum Yabbies

Yum Yum Yabbies! Just thought I would share a little hobby that hubby likes to do on weekends! He loves to go and catch some yabbies for lunch:) Last year he spent a lot of time researching yabbies and their habbitat to make sure they would survive in our dam and then stocked it up so this year we could eat them!! These particular ones come from a friends dam as ours arent quite ready apparently, although last year we did get some:) I didnt even get a sniff of these as he cooked them for the bathurst party at his dad's, boo hoo! I must confess I'm a lazy shell eater, I only like them shelled and delivered. Guess thats why I missed out! Anyhoo must run and finish orders.
Happpy Creating
Cheers Janelle XXX

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 1 Challenge @ Paula's

This is my LO for Paula's 6 week challenge over @ Paula's Scrapbooking Place, I've joined in as it will make me scrap at least for 6 weeks!!! Miss Ebony is heading the challenge with all of her wonderful samples anyone can join in so check it out @ and if your looking for inspiration check out the link to eb's blog from there, you wont be disapointed:) I know I've been promising and promising new designs and they ARE on their way I'm just a little swamped with orders and if I had that magic remote Adam Sandler had in click I would definately be up to date:) Hope you all enjoy the LO I really like this one, it was such a great day Jakob had been asking for ages to go mushrooming and Leigh and I had'nt been since we were kids!! Mind you coming from a farm I didnt have to travel far!! We all had so much fun and the first lot of mushies we found were on our very own block!! These sorts of pics are the ones I treasure most as its everyday things we get up to as a family, I think its important to capture the everyday things and not just the perfect looking portraits, when looking in mags these days you can definately see this trend all the time which is just brill! Whats your favourite style of picture? I would love to know:) Send me comment and let me know!!
Cheers Janelle XXX