Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 1 Challenge @ Paula's

This is my LO for Paula's 6 week challenge over @ Paula's Scrapbooking Place, I've joined in as it will make me scrap at least for 6 weeks!!! Miss Ebony is heading the challenge with all of her wonderful samples anyone can join in so check it out @ and if your looking for inspiration check out the link to eb's blog from there, you wont be disapointed:) I know I've been promising and promising new designs and they ARE on their way I'm just a little swamped with orders and if I had that magic remote Adam Sandler had in click I would definately be up to date:) Hope you all enjoy the LO I really like this one, it was such a great day Jakob had been asking for ages to go mushrooming and Leigh and I had'nt been since we were kids!! Mind you coming from a farm I didnt have to travel far!! We all had so much fun and the first lot of mushies we found were on our very own block!! These sorts of pics are the ones I treasure most as its everyday things we get up to as a family, I think its important to capture the everyday things and not just the perfect looking portraits, when looking in mags these days you can definately see this trend all the time which is just brill! Whats your favourite style of picture? I would love to know:) Send me comment and let me know!!
Cheers Janelle XXX


  1. You are gorgeous! Thanks for all the encouragement!!

  2. I'm with you Janelle, I love all the "doing" photos, not posed just real life.
    Love the layout, that's what memories are made of.