Thursday, October 22, 2009

Opps I forgot!

Just a few things I forgot to mention ( have had sinus all week and the ol' brain is a bit fuzzy!) Firstly if you are after some buttons and were wondering how the hell to pay for them, just e-mail me your order at and they can be paided for by direct deposit or a money order made out to Janelle Giblin. Easy Peasy!!! What I also forgot ( silly ME!) was to let you all know that the buttons are specifically made for scapbooking or quilting/sewing projects, difference being scrapbooking are coated in an acid free varnish and for quilting/sewing projects are coated in a varnish that can be handwashed. As I mentioned yesterday the postage is subject to how many packs are ordered for example 8 packs - postage is $7.30. So I hope I cleared up some questions for you thanks for stopping by and dont forget to leave a comment or even be a follower so I know who's out there in blog land!!:)
Happy Creating
Janelle XX

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