Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some buttons FINALLY!!

As I have been promising and promising and since the blog title is 'handmade buttons and embellishments' I better post some pics of what I've been up too! Dear Besty Miss Eb is off too a srcappy retreat this weekend and since her stash is low she put in an order and presto there you go a whole bunch of custom made Nellie G. buttons!!! So amongst the other orders and such I dropped them off to her this morn and I'm sure I left her with a big grin:) So here is a few pics of what I've been up too, the first one is most of my colour groups together and the pack in the middle is how they come.

This one is of my newest edition called 'buds and blooms' these are brill for using in the middle of flowers and if your after just some suttle embellies. This one is hot off the press and miss eb is the first to use them so I'm sure you will be able to check out what she came up with after this weekend at her blog So pop on over and you wont be disappointed! She uses them quite a lot as she is my certified 'guinea pig' and she always manages to make them look fab! Thanks Eb:)!!! If you are at all interested you can simply leave me a comment and how to contact you or just e-mail me @ - they are a 50 pack @ $6.95 plus postage and that varies due to weight, and the colours are as follows;
Candy - pinks
Ocean - blues
Earth - browns
Primary - red, green, yellow and navy
Black & White - black and white
Classic - dark red, white and black
Sunshine - pastels
Citrus - brights
Buds and blooms - a mixture as above
So if you're interested give me a bell with about a 3 weeks delivery. Stay tuned for more new designs as promised and maybe even a 'Made It' shop!!!!:)
Happy Creating
Cheers Janelle XX


  1. I sure was grinning......thanks Nellie! Love them lots! I'll create lots this weekend to show you! Wish you were coming too!

  2. holy crap!!!!! I just fell over seeing this post. About time cuz!!!! LOL
    Love the new blog background too. The buttons are so cute, I will have to come over and get some, good excuse to come and visit since I haven't seen you around here lately!

  3. I would love some of your buttons, how do you pay for them? You can email me at