Friday, October 29, 2010


Hello ladies I was looking around on my computer and realized it's been FAR TOO LONG between posts!! So I thought one better make an appearance before you all give up on me :0) The main reason for my absence is the simple loss of my crafty mojo :( I'm not sure where it went but it forgot to take me :) So after having a good clean up and sort out I think I'm getting back on track, another reason for my non-blogging has been due to some health issues nothing too serious just some hormones out of whack which made me TOTALLY out of whack!! So a trip to the naturapath and and some tonics and pills later and hey presto we think we might be sorted :) It will take a little while but I'll be back on track in no time!!
So while I hav'nt been blogging I've been doing the whole mummy/wifey thing and after being sooooo exhausted ALL the time I did'nt feel like doing much else. So now it's systems ago and I'm in the middle of getting together my christmas collection which I had planned on already having done, better late than never I say!! So please stay with me and stay tuned, pics of pretty things will start to appear!! Hope everyone is enjoying their creativity, I know I'm glad to slowly be getting mine back!!
Happy Creating
Cheers Janelle xx


  1. darlin' you need to come on over for some R & R.

  2. oh wow! these are just gorgeous!!! just discovered you :) HOpe you have your mojo back xoxo Charmane