Sunday, August 2, 2009

Scrapy Night

Hey guys just thought I would share with you a page I finished at Miss Eb's on friday night. The last friday of every month we try to get together with a couple of friends and have a crafty night, I love it because I dont get to scrap that often and its a good chance for me to get some done. Its a LO of DH and DD, made with some influential help from Miss Eb, of course! We took a sketch and went with it, you should try it sometimes its great if your'e like me and can stare a piece of paper for 2 hours!! Anyone who's looking should check out ebony's blog @ welcometoebsspace and if you have the lastest SM mag she's located there too. Must run hope you all like, dont forget to leave a comment so I know your'e looking!

Happy Creating

Cheers Janelle XX


  1. Looks great! Thanks for your kind comments about me...MWAH!!!!These nites are always great fun!