Wednesday, January 6, 2010


When I thought about this post I really wasnt sure if I should or not since I like to keep it all about crafty things and not really anything personal but I feel this is too important to me not write about. You see although my new years post was light and happy I actually was typing with a heavy heart as last week one of my best friends had some beyond tragic news that her little girl passed away in the night. I cant describe how sad I feel for them I can see how their hearts have broken and I know they will never be the same, how could you be? It just doesnt make any sense, its just not far I would even go as far to say its just plain cruel, 2 more than loving parents and a wonderful family they just dont deserve to be going through this and if there was some magic way of bringing her back I would do it in a second. I feel so helpless, there's really not a lot I can do for them accept be there and hold their hands and give them a hug, I've never had to watch someone go through this kind of pain before even though my own mother passed away in her 50's a child is so much worse she wont even get to see her 2nd birthday, go to kindy, have a boyfriend, drive a car all the things we take for granted. She was such a happy little girl with an infectious smile and her chubby little cheeks, my friends beautiful little girl. So as today we say good-bye I know we will meet her again one day and she will be watching over her family especially her very brave mummy and daddy and I will be in that very big line to give her a gigantic hug. So when you read this just remember we are so lucky to have the ones we love around us and maybe hug your kids just that little bit tighter and tell them just how much you really do love them. RIP baby Tia forever will our hearts be heavy.
Janelle XX


  1. OMG Janelle, just reading this has brought tears to my eyes. What tragic news, you are such a good friend for being there for them.

  2. Thanks sue its been very hard for them but their both being very brave. XXX

  3. oh janelle, how heartbraking. I just can't imagine losing a child and in their sleep. Oh my goodness, I'll keep them in my prayers and hope their pain lessens. How sad for everyone


  4. I meant heartbreaking! bad spelling, sorry