Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello all just kickin' back on a sunday arvo waiting for DH too return home, so I thought a quickie post was in order:) If you look to the right you will see we have a new member to the Nellie G. family, drum roll please.................WELCOME Tanstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the little Nellie G. Designs family and thankyou for becoming a follower!! If you all remember one of my completely selfish new years res was to get more followers signed up for 2010 and now I have 5 YAY 4 ME!!! Sounds silly but I'm excited! Been very busy this week and since DS has started school (BOO HOO 4 ME:() and goes for longer hours this coming week one has got a few buttony ideas up her sleeve and will be sharing shortly. What did you all think of my lady bug brooch? I think its cute and get a few comments when I ware it. Thanks to those who left a comment:) I love reading comments makes me feel loved! Sounds sad doesnt it! Must run, might go and take a few picks of a couple of other goodies I made.
Happy Creating
Janelle XX

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  1. I was only thinking of how you were going with little mister at school.
    Wanted to ring you, couldn't find your mobile and don't know your dad's number. I could have asked mum I suppose.