Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Big News

Hello as promised I have some news that I'm a little excited to let you all know about. Drum roll please...................................I FINALLY have a made it store on all you have to do is go to the website and go to stores then in the search banner type in nelliegdesigns and I should pop up:) As soon as I figure out how to do a linky thingy you can then click on the made it badge to take you there.Here's a pic of one little fellow I have on there, isnt he a cutie??!!

There are a few more pics to post but I thought this was a good start:) I only have a few on there at the moment but I will be adding new designs as I make them:) So go and check it out and I will try and figure out the linky thingy as promised, I might have to ask miss eb's help for that one! I'm learning all the time! Must go its DD's birthday party tomorrow and I have lots to do in the morning!! Cake is almost finished just the cake topper I cant put on until the morn as I used butter cream icing, yum! Back soon with more pics, remember the web address is not a linky thingy, will learn how REAL soon.
Happy Creating
Cheers Janelle XXX

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  1. Cool Janelle, I have been using some of your gorg! little buttons from the weekend retreat... boy did they sell out fast.. it was the quick or the dead - LOL - enjoy the journey - c u at a retreat soon x Tanya