Saturday, June 26, 2010

Do you love flowers?

This first pic is of our group photo from our weekend away at Paula's scrapbooking retreat where miss eb and I had a fab time:) I stole this pic from eb's blog (I'm sure she wont mind) As I was so busy packing and making sure I didnt forget any scrapping supplies I forgot to pack the camera!! Silly me!! This lovely bunch of ladies make the weekend so very enjoyable and I had such a great time like I said last post cant wait for next year!!

Now down to a goodie that I mentioned in the title of this post. The question is do you love flowers? Crochet ones of course!! These lovely flowers are from Miss Eb's mum who does a top job making and she is clearing out the old designs to make way for some groovy new ones, so if you pop on over to eb's blog,( Welcome to ebs space) and click onto her blog from my blog list way down the bottom of my blog here. Follow the rules and you have a chance to win!! She's drawing it this week so be quick you still have a chance! But be warned they ARE addictive once you've started using them you wont be able to stop! I use them on all styles of pages and even the darker colours on my boy pages and they work just fine. So once you finish reading here jump on over to eb and start entering:) So good luck and remember you've got to be in it to win it!! I've entered so I hope I win, my stash is getting low:) Bye for now, if weather permits I'll take some pics tommorrow of my LO's I did while away, for you to see:)
Happy Creating
Cheers Janelle XX

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