Sunday, August 15, 2010

Are you ready?

Ok ladies are you all ready??? I have been working very hard and can now proudly introduce the new Nellie G. Designs Spring Time Collection!! YAY!!! The first pic above is called 'Family' and the word is actually buttons too, included are stamped and the new teenie weenies :) Miss eb does love these!!
Who doesnt love strawberries??? These are cute on any project even quilting I'm thinking of designing a cushion just for these little babies and I've already have done a scrap page thats been waiting just for one of these!! Wot could you do with these? I would love to know :)

These I think are my absolute fav's this one is called stamped pack 3 and is the start of my 'stamped' range, consisting of hand cut and stamped, swirls which are great for flower centres and more teenie weenies!

This one is called stamped pack 2 consisting of the same as above just a different stamped pattern.

This one is stamped pack 1 and is a mix of the new stamped designs. Let me know what you think??? These are all available on 'made it' just click on my 'made it' badge and it will take you straight to my 'made it' shop!! So I hope you all like, I'm very proud and are loving them, but wait theres more....... tomorrow stay tuned as there will be more designs posted :) Weather permitting of course!! So have fun be creative and I hope you enjoyed.
Happy Creating
Cheers Janelle XX

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